Self-learning energy concept asparagus farm
Sector coupling thanks to energy contracting

... a goal to harvest asparagus in the future with e-tractors!

Martin Jucker

A farm of the future

Just in time for the start of the asparagus season, the new photovoltaic system on the asparagus farm of Jucker Farm AG in Rafz supplies renewable electricity. The farm of the future is largely independent of electricity from the socket during the season thanks to the forward-looking integral energy system, which includes a photovoltaic system, battery storage, cooling supply and waste heat recovery - Martin Jucker wants to operate the adventure farm in Rafz entirely without fossil fuels in the future.

Generation plant that makes independent

Innovative photovoltaic roof system provides an independent power supply also independent of the season due to the different orientation of the solar panels to the cardinal directions southeast and southwest. This allows about 170,000 kWh of electricity to be harvested per year.

Power storage a multifunctional tool

At this location, the E-SpeicherWerk assumes an essential role in load distribution. Tasks such as forecasting generation output play just as important a role as load forecasting. The storage system is equipped with an output of 160 kW and a capacity of 192 kWh. The system includes the entire regulation and control as well as the island network function.

Photos: Daniel Hager, Sara Keller