Secure your independence

The premium storage system for the large residential property.

Home StorageState-of-the-artpower electronics from SIEMENS in a solid, high-quality control cabinet allow you to switch toyour `independent´ power supply. The lithium-ion cells as battery are not oxygen reactive and nonhazardous.

The accompanying battery management optimizes the charge status of the battery and thus extends the lifespan of a cell.

The technology is designed with 7,000 full load cycles for an application of 20 years. The performance parameters in the residential property sectorwith 17 and 36 kW respectively, are sufficient for nearly all requirements. The storage capacity in kWh is scaled and configured to individual needs.

Performance criteria:

  1. Continuous output: 17 or 36 kW - 3-phase
  2. Storage capacity: optional 25, 38 or 58 kWh
  3. Expected service life: 6,000 full load cycles
  4. Storage efficiency: 96%
  5. System efficiency:> 85%
  6. Self-discharge: 3%
  7. Protection class: IP54
  • Three-phase AC capability
  • Compensation of unbalanced loads
  • Remote maintenance
  • PC monitoring


  • Emergency power function
  • Reactive current compensation
  • Load control of consumer segment

Other features are included and will be offered by request.

Professional Home Storage


The premium storage system for the large residential property.

Professional Company battery Storage


Your company wants to support its electrical power supply with its own power supply system?

Professional Company battery Storage


As a major industrial energy consumer, you wish to back your power supply with a power storage facility in the energy supply system?