Optimization potentials in energy procurement

Rising commodity prices generate the necessity for entrepreneurs to address the energy supply issues. Power consumption is thus a major concern in many companies. The integrated approach ofenergy management leads to new possibilities.

The optimization of consumption profiles in a company in conjunction with an E-SpeicherWerk power storage system makes sense. The electricity storage unit is being loaded during off-peak hoursand unloaded during peak demands. The intelligent storage facility thus reduces the purchase of electricity in times of high electricity prices and subsequently improves the energy cost ratio.

The power storage is charged during periods of low load and discharged when peak loads occur. The intelligent storage reduces electricity consumption at times of high electricity prices and thus improves the energy cost balance.

By using energy storage, the peak loads in the company can be reduced and the associated costs for the performance price can be reduced.

battery storage system for peak shaving

Schematic of an electricity storage unit operating in commerce:


Anwendung Gewerbe

Through the primary use at the energy production site is electricity turning into a commodity for trade and can be removed whenever needed, similar to the modern “Kanban” storage system. But the local application provides even further advantages in the use of an E-SpeicherWerkpower storage system and increases the benefits:

  • Additional energy plants generated by wind,water, CHP units or gas turbines can be integrated in the overall control concept.
  • Current compensation system
  • Emergency power system

From an economic point of view must tax-related aspects and energy production fiscal issues like amortization and network-charge exemptions also be taken into consideration.

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