Market leader in energy transition

Today´s farmer handling many vital duties is increasingly becoming an energy manager as well. Were many roof top spaces being leased the last few years or equipped with PV systems for full feed-in, an additional consideration is now moving into the foreground:

Self-generated power supply

Lacking connection capacities and long cable routes prevent the possibility to further expand renewable energy in agriculture. But the increasing consumption of electricity through milking robots, silos, and aftercooling, make it possible that an E-SpeicherWerk power storage system can be economically operated in conjunction with a PV system.

Schematic of an electricity storage unit in agriculture:


Electricity storage facilities also provide supplemental relief for network operators. With intelligent control management and for the application customized E-SpeicherWerk power storage devices, can the requirements of energy suppliers and network operators also be considered.

Professional Home Storage


The premium storage system for the large residential property.

Professional Company battery Storage


Your company wants to support its electrical power supply with its own power supply system?

Professional Company battery Storage


As a major industrial energy consumer, you wish to back your power supply with a power storage facility in the energy supply system?