Storage solutions

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Battery Energy Storage for each application

To make a global "Energiewende", it is especially necessary to find now appropriate solutions. One of these requirements are electricity storage to make produced energy available over a longer period. The different requirements play a big role at the destinated location.


In the independence with Power Storage

The storage of electricity makes it possible to move to independence. Use your electricity even when no wind is present or the sun provides just no PV power. Then insert your produced energy when you need it.


A independent power supply

No matter when and where, with the maximum security of supply. Intelligent storage solutions are available in grid parallel or in off-grid operation - and use both functions at the right time as a hybrid Energy Storage.



Housing industry


Wind turbines

Professional Home Storage


The premium storage system for the large residential property.

Professional Company battery Storage


Your company wants to support its electrical power supply with its own power supply system?

Professional Company battery Storage


As a major industrial energy consumer, you wish to back your power supply with a power storage facility in the energy supply system?